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#AfterSaga and Giveaway | The Halfway HomemakerHave you ever thought about writing a book, but just got overwhelmed with the process? Anna Todd had an idea, and with the help of Wattpad, was able to write out her entire book – on her phone! The After story is the epitome of taking your idea for a book and turning it into a wildly successful phenomenon.

Not only was Anna able to finish her book (a feat in itself!) – she was able to publish it in installments as she finished – her book (all 2,500 pages) has been viewed over A BILLION times. She has also received 6 million (and counting) comments. As a blogger, I am both jealous and in awe.

Now, with the popularity of her story, Simon & Schuster has turned her book into a four-part series. The first installment was released in October. Paramount Pictures has also acquired the rights to adapt the After story into a major motion picture.

The 25-year-old military wife (married to her high-school sweetheart!) created this amazingly successful book – drawn from a love of reading and the British band One Direction – with Wattpad. Wattpad is the WORLD’s largest community of readers and writers. Where else can you find 40 million people who communicate and share ideas about reading and writing? Wattpad is also mobile. Anna wrote her entire book on her phone!

The After series chronicles the story of Tessa Young, a freshman at Washington State, and Hardin – the troubled British bad boy who has stolen her heart. This work of fanfiction has become a worldwide phenomenon. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read Anna Todd’s After saga, then you are definitely missing out. Not only can you order in hardback, but you can also read it on the Barnes and Noble Nook. What a fitting way to read a book that was written on a phone – than with your phone! I definitely use my Nook app to get through long waits in line or at appointments.

And, as a special gift to my readers – I am giving away books ONE and TWO of the four part saga! The giveaway closes on 12/27. Check out all the ways to add entries, and don’t forget to tweet each day for another entry! One winner will be chosen on 12/28 and notified. 

To learn more about Anna Todd and the After saga, visit Anna here:

Please note, this is a sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network.  All opinions stated are my own.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Some things that inspire me are solitude and silence. I love people, but I can’t think for even a minute with noise and people around.

  2. My cousin would LOVE these books, I’m going to share them with her! I don’t think I would enjoy them as much but I entered to win them for her! 🙂

  3. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to write a book on a phone (or even an iPad). I guess we type emails and so many other comments on the devices each day, that a book is not quite the stretch that it would have been even five or ten years ago. Maybe there’s a budding author in all of us…

  4. My husband inspires me! He works so hard to help our family and he keeps going even in times of difficulty, he is a strong support system through thick and thin.

  5. This is totally off topic, but I just noticed your pic. You have a twin named Jen, lol. You look almost identical to a friend of mine with the same name. I need to get a picture of her to show you.

    1. Ha, that is funny. I get told that I look like other people all the time, but not other “Jennifer’s.” Which is funny because I have one of the most common names 🙂

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