Softjox Plush Football Player

Softjox Plush Football Player | The Halfway HomemakerI (my son) had the opportunity to test out an amazing new toy – Softjox. If you have a football fan (especially a pint-sized one) and need a great gift idea – you need look no further.

Softjox is a plush, stuffed character in a football uniform that comes in various colors and allows you to personalize it with a name and number. The personalization looks just like a football jersey and is a great touch. They come in two different sizes – 15″ and 20″. I opted for the 20″, since my son is just about 30″, so it would make a nice friend for him. Did I mention my son is 1?

As my son (and daughter) are super tough on toys, I was a little concerned with how a large stuffed football player was going to fare against the tugging, pulling, wrestling and dragging from two kids under 4. After a week, the character is in pristine condition, the numbers and letters are still attached (the are stuck tight and still flush with the back of the little man). The helmet is still attached, and none of the stuffing is missing. Basically, they are really well made.

My son also loves his new friend. He likes to drag “Dude” around with his blanket and wrestle him. He also squeals at his sister if she gets too close to “Dude” or tries to take him away from my son. All good fun. He also insists on having “Dude” in his bed with him Softjox Footbal Player | The Halfway Homemakerwhen he goes to sleep. It is slightly funny since “Dude” is almost the same size as my son. The other great thing is that he is so soft, he is made of a velvet-like material and doesn’t show the grubby handprints of my son after a long day of play.

This obviously is a hit with the pre-K crowd in my house, but I also showed my son’s new friend to a couple moms with older kids. One immediately went on her phone to save it to her Christmas list for her seven year old. He plays peewee football and the colors match his team’s colors.

As a special treat for my readers (and just in time for the holidays!) I can also share with you a promo code for 20% off your order. To use this promo code, visit and enter the code SOFTJOX20 at checkout.

So if you need a little something special for your football player (or fan!) check out the adorable, durable, and super soft SOFTJOX.

Please note that this  is a sponsored post for Softjox and I have received product for free in exchange for my review. The opinions are my own and not indicative of the opinions or positions of  Softjox.

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