A Healthy Relationship With Money

This weekend was a minor triumph for my family, my daughter especially. My husband and I are passionate about having a healthy relationship with money. It isn’t easy, and sometimes we fail. But most of all, we try to instill in our kids that money is something to be respected. We instituted an allowance for […]

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At the Pumpkin Patch

At the pumpkin patch

My daughter’s school had a field trip today. We were able to go to Johnson’s Corner Farm. It was a great morning spent with just my little monkey – her little brother was at preschool. Being able to take time off when I want to has always been a key facet of my business. My […]

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Why Are You Wearing Your Brother’s Shoes?

“Why are you wearing your brother’s shoes?” I looked up to see a little boy staring at my daughter while asking his question again: “Why are you wearing your brother’s shoes?” We were in the 4 and under area of the kids museum and the little boy looked closer to six. My first thought was […]

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