Day 08 – Take One Thing Off Your Plate | 31 Day Stress Reduction Challenge

31 Day Stress Reduction ChallengeAs a personal challenge, I have decided to embark on a 31-day challenge to lower my stress level, and make staying at home not so overwhelming. Each day, I will focus on one area of my life that can be cleaned up or addressed to help make my life just a teensy bit easier – and less stressful.

The to-do list is definitely a source of anxiety for me. I have lists everywhere – I have notebooks for my clients with running lists, my phone has memo app that contains several different lists and I also have several scratch pieces of paper with reminders lying about the house.

I am SO organized!

But if you have ever actually looked at your list(s) they can start to become overwhelming. Just thinking of all the things I need to do can send me into a panic attack. But I have started to take my “to do” lists with a different approach.

Instead of them being a regimented list of things that need to get done, I start to think of them as moving targets. There are things that need to be done, should be done, and of course I would like to have done.

For my son’s birthday, for example, there are needs, should and wants. I need to make sure tables and chairs are set up, that the cake is made, and there are plenty of drinks. I should try to decorate the house with the things I have already purchased, and get my photo booth set up. I want to have little handmade kids treats ready for the party as well.

Knowing that I have just about 10 days for all of these magical things to happen, I look at my list. “Needs” are a given, I think “shoulds” are pretty important. But the want – little marshmallow and pretzel “groot” figures in cookie dirt covered in chocolate – is not really needed for a good time.

So I give myself the greatest gift of all – I cross those puppies off my list. The cake is already going to be a lot of work, and getting ready for the party is a lot of work. I am learning to accept that there are only so many hours in the day to get things done. And my kids would rather have time to paint or have fun instead of some silly party favors in the scheme of things.

Now there are always things that are non-negotiable on your lists, but are always a few things that you want to do that just don’t need to be done. Spend a few minutes today to pick one.

And cross it off your list. It feels so good!

Til tomorrow!

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