Thankful Thursdays – Happy “Nice Giving”

Thankful Thursdays Happy Nice Giving | The Halfway HomemakerThe holidays are a big deal in my family. We don’t have a lot of close family near us, so it is up to my husband and me to make sure our kids have a great sense of what family is and how important it is to keep up traditions. Since we first started dating, we have always had a big spread for Thanksgiving and Christmas, even if it was just the two of us. Now that we have kids, we put even more emphasis on the meanings behind the “fun” holidays.

My daughter recently received a book from her babysitter – Happy Thanksgiving, Emily! It is an older book, but she absolutely loves it, and insists on reading it at least three times a week. Being three and a half, she has her own title for the book – Happy Nice Giving! In thinking about it, it isn’t a bad title, either.

The story is about a little girl and her friends and their preparation for Thanksgiving. They talk about being grateful for different things in the book. My daughter loves reading it and discussing what she is thankful for. I love hearing that she is thankful for me and her baby brother. Of course, she is also thankful for daddy. I really just like to instill gratitude into her psyche. It doesn’t always translate in her actions, as she is a toddler, but it is never to early to learn.

In the spirit of of Thanksgiving, I rounded up a few books that echo the sentiments of Thanksgiving and are perfect for preschoolers. I hope they inspire you to read about gratefulness with your kids.

As a child of the 80’s, I love the Critters and Berenstain Bears books. My daughter loves Curious George, anything with that monkey is a big hit. The Thankful Book is great because it has simple concepts of what kids should be thankful for. The Very Best Pumpkin is perfect for learning sharing as well as dedication. Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks is a great all-around reminder of what the holiday is about.

I hope these can be a part of your library and you can make Thankfulness a year-round theme.


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  1. A friend and I were just talking about this exact thing! How being NICE should happen everyday…not just on holidays because you have to 🙂

    Happy early NICE giving!

  2. We just recently moved near family but before that it was just my husband and I and our daughter and we did the same things for the holidays, even when it was just the two of us. Now my daughter already LOVES holidays and it’s so fun to experience it through her eyes. I put all the books you suggested on reserve at the library. I can’t wait to share them with her! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. That is awesome, Heather. We have been trying to move to the east coast to be closer to family, but my hubby hasn’t found the right position, I am so jealous! I hope your daughter loves the books as much as my daughter does 🙂

  3. we our big into tradition in my family too . We have so many things we do every year. IT just doesn’t feel complete unless we do them.

  4. This is making me miss NY a bit, where the bulk of my family now resides. I miss getting together for the Holidays and our traditions. Books for the kids were always something exchanged.

    1. What a great tradition. It always helps to create new traditions when extended family isn’t close.

    1. Thanks. With a spicy little preschooler, we really need to make sure thankfulness is part of her vocabulary.

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