Thanksgiving Checklist

It’s that time of year again. I loThanksgiving Countdown Checklist Download | The Halfway Homemakerve Thanksgiving, but man, is it a lot of work.

I don’t have visitors (most years), but I do know what it is like to prepare the house for guests and family to stay over. With a little preparation and planning, having visitors can be a little less stressful. Not to mention all the food that you have to prepare.

Even though I don’t have visitors, I do like to have the house clean and presentable. Thanksgiving is a special occasion and I want my family to feel like they are special, despite the fact that it is just the four of us. I also like to have a big spread. One of my fondest childhood memories is of sitting around the Thanksgiving table and having a ton of wonderful food. I want my kids to have the same experience.

In order to be a little more organized this year, I created a Thanksgiving Checklist to help me stay on track. I have things that need to be accomplished every week, then in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. I love to be organized, and lists are the way to go for me. I made it editable in Google Docs so I have it on my phone and my desktop and can edit it as I need to.

I am offering a free link to my checklist. Please feel free to save your own copy and make adjustments as needed. If it helps you out in any way, please let me know.

To get your copy, please fill in the form below and you will receive the link. If you would like to subscribe to my weekly updates mailing list, please check the box as well.

Happy planning!

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