The Positivity Challenge

#PositivityChallenge | The Halfway HomemakerIn the last few weeks, I have noticed something that really made me think. I have thought a lot about this (I spent most of last night ruminating).

I spend a lot of time on social media – on Facebook, especially. I am a member of various groups for business as well as for my blog, and I am in contact with a lot of people throughout the day. But we almost never speak to one another.

This is the new digital age, I definitely get that. But even more disconcerting than not actually “talking” to people is the undercurrent of negativity that runs through most conversations and interactions.

People that others look up to and respect have shown a side that seems a bit bully-ish and exclusionary. There are “group owners” that delete post with no comment because it might encroach on their business or standing, or will have someone else in a group make blanket statements instead of dealing with conflicts themselves.

There are also the trolls. Those that get into heated arguments behind the safety of social media. Everyone has an opinion, and a lot of them are not pleasant. I try to walk away from conflicts, or remove myself from toxic groups. But unfortunately, they are everywhere.

This goes beyond bullying, high school popularity contests and so forth. It is is just plain negativity, and it gets tiring. Negativity sucks.

It sucks the life out of you, it sucks your happiness, and it sucks your positivity. And heaven knows I need more positivity in my life.

I am a Pisces, I am so affected by the feelings of others and I tend to soak up and mirror the feelings around me. When I am surrounded by negativity all day, I tend to share that pleasantness with my family. Lucky them, huh?

So I have decided to create a negativity-free zone. I am embarking on a new challenge – the Positivity Challenge. Every day, I will identify something positive in my life, and try to inspire that same positivity in others.

It isn’t easy. I am a negative nelly by nature, but gosh, I could use a dose of positivity in my life right now. Life is too awesome to be unhappy all of the time.

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