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Rist Roller | Halfway HomemakerThis review is long overdue. But for a great reason.

I received the Rist Roller a few months ago to try out. I have always suffered from wrist issues, I had carpal tunnel when I was 14 (mostly because I was on the computer all day). I know how bad computer work is for you, I used to work for a company that bought in an ergonomist to set up each new hire’s desk (they were workman’s comp defense attorneys, so that probably had something to do with it), but it really helped the quality of life for the employees.

Rollers are not new to me, I have used them for my back and legs on occasion. They are great for stretching out tired muscles. I have just never seen ones for smaller parts of your body.

Enter the Rist Roller. They are like the big foam roller that I brought across country with me, but work on places like your wrist, forearm, and foot (plantar fasciitis has plagued me for years). They are therapeutic, and like a mini massage whenever your body needs a break.

The reason that I haven’t reviewed the product sooner was kind of funny. I actually didn’t have it. My husband took it to work. And then used it.

He conveniently forgot to mention that he still had it. Mostly because he would have to bring it back home.

He doesn’t have carpal tunnel issues, but he just sometimes has issues sitting at the computer for long periods of time. His wrists get tired, and he sometimes uses it to prop up his hand so his wrist is in a more neutral position.

The most amazing part about it? This little firm foam roller is still in perfect condition. I used to hate when my foam roller for my body started to show signs of wear and tear, those little stress marks and compression that made the roller less, well useful. I love the indestructible-ness of the Rist Roller.

So if you suffer from carpal tunnel, just want to give your wrists a break, or maybe just need to relax your muscles, check out the Rist Roller.

I received complimentary product in exchange for my  honest review. 

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