My New Favorite Brush – The Wet Brush

The Wet BrushOK, I know that most people have a go-to brush by now (I am 32!), but gosh, hair brushing has always been an absolute chore for me. It doesn’t help that my husband absolutely loves my hair ridiculously long, but I have problem hair.

My hair is thin, but I have a lot of it. It also gets the most gnarly snarls and knots from keeping it up in a ponytail (away from my lovely son’s grabby hands) all of the time. My hairdresser and I have come up with having to blow dry my hair before attempting to brush and style it. I only style my hair under duress, usually opting to spend a good hour just brushing out the snarls and giving up after it is brushed.

My daughter has been blessed (cursed) with my same hair. It is long, honey brown and pretty – if you brush it. Brushing my three year old’s hair brings back horrible flashbacks of my mom brushing my hair as a kid. There was a lot of crying, complaining, and fighting the brush through my hair, and it is exactly the same with my daughter.

Until about a month ago, at my last hair appointment. My hairdresser had turned me on to the most fabulous hair tool known to man. Or woman. The Wet Brush.

This brush is absolutely amazing. It has super flexible bristles, and I can actually brush my poor thin hair WET! It works through my snarls without pulling out my hair, and my half hour brushing chore is cut down to fifteen minutes.

The most amazing thing about this little brush is that my daughter actually enjoys getting her hair brushed now. She doesn’t cry, complain or throw a tantrum and it no longer requires tackling her to get a brush through her hair.

I can’t tell you how much this product has saved time and tears, and made me change my relationship with my hair.

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    1. My daughter refuses to use any other brush now (she can tell without looking at it)! I didn’t know hair brushing didn’t have to require a tantrum. 🙂

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