The Triple Chocolate Martini

In order to keep you warm during the cold January weather, I have instituted Friday Happy Hour. To assist me in Happy Hour, Amy at Go Forth and Mother has created some special cocktails just for The Halfway Homemaker readers! Next up – The Triple Chocolate Martini!

What’s better than a chocolate martini? Not much.
Triple Chocolate Martini | The Halfway Homemaker
Ok, well maybe a triple chocolate martini. Mmmm. Now that I could settle for! What, you too? Well, this one’s all mine, but of course I’ll help you make your own šŸ™‚
First, shake the following ingredients vigorously over ice:
1 part crĆØme de cacao
1 part light whipping crĆØme (or half and half)
1 part chocolate vodka – my favorite is Pinnacle’s Chocolate Whipped vodka:
Triple Chocolate Martini | The Halfway Homemaker
Garnish your glass – chocolate powder on the rim if you have it, but definitely don’t skip the Hershey’s syrup – that’s what makes it triple!
Triple Chocolate Martini | The Halfway Homemaker
Enjoy. And resist the urge to chug. Stay classy, people.
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