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Yummy Fruits and Veggies - Farm Fresh To You! | The Halfway HomemakerIf you are anything like me, you have a wish list a mile long. Having fresh, organic fruits and vegetables delivered has been on my list since I was pregnant with my first child. I thought it would be a great way to be healthy while I was pregnant, then it would be amazing to serve to my daughter for her purees.
But of course, live happens and things that seem like a luxury tend to fall down the list. So when Farm Fresh To You offered me the opportunity to try out their product, I jumped at the chance. I never want to deal with the farmers markets near me, they are heavily trafficked and always on the wrong days. The produce at the grocery stores always seems so blah. I wanted to see what real fruits and vegetables looked like – without spending $10 for an apple.
So I logged on to Farm Fresh To You  and signed up to receive my first box. I ordered a mixed veggie and fruit box, and decided on the “more” size. I probably spend that much in fruits and veggies in a week in my house. There are loud discussions over who gets the last slice of banana on days I am forced to go to the grocery store. What a three year old and a one year old are actually discussing is beyond me – especially since one of them primarily communicates in grunts and squeals.
A few days before my delivery, I was sent an email to customize my box. I could see what my delivery was

Oranges, Mandarins, Pears, Squash and Grapefruit!
Oranges, Mandarins, Pears, Squash and Grapefruit!

and add or delete items based on what I needed. The bacon avocados were sold out, I was bummed, but the turkey figs looked amazing. I added them to my box and switched out a few items. For the price of the box, I probably had two days worth of juicing ingredients as well as all the fun fruits and veggies my kids normally ate.
My husband was the first to spot the box on our doorstep when he left for work early in the morning. He was wondering why boxes magically appeared on our doorstep. I told him it was like the milkman, but for fruits and veggies. He was a little skeptical that they were outside for some length of time before he found them, but was happy to see the cardboard box was lined with a plastic bag that actually contained the items.
I was so excited to open the box, the smell of the fresh food was

Cabbage, Spinach and Bananas!
Cabbage, Spinach and Bananas!

amazing. There were bunches of herbs, huge bunches of kale, bananas that weren’t brown or damaged, and so much more. The lettuce was just beautiful.
In order to get the most out of my boxes (there were two – there was an amazing amount of fruit and vegetables for the price), I got to work immediately.
My daughter needed to give gifts to her teachers for the end of the year, so I used the fresh rosemary and lemon to make Lemon Rosemary Sugar Scrub to add to the homemade soaps and bath salts we had already made. I mixed sugar and grapeseed oil with the lemon zest, lemon juice and the rosemary leaves. It smelled amazing and looked perfect in my wide mouth pint jars.

Lemon Rosemary Sugar Scrub
Lemon Rosemary Sugar Scrub

As for the kale, spinach, some of the apples (my daughter keeps asking for more red apples as a snack), carrots, and the oranges – these will be made into a fabulous juice. I love to have juice to detox, especially after indulging a little too much on yummy food.
I also made the most fabulous snack with my figs. I quartered them and stuffed the fruit with gorgonzola cheese. I then wrapped them in 1/3 slice of bacon. These were cooked for about 20 minutes in a 425 degree oven. Once the bacon was crisp, I pulled them out and drizzled a little honey over them. They were so delicate and delicious!
The service is great. The value is amazing, and the items are so fresh. If you want a way to have more fresh produce in your

Bacon Wrapped Gorgonzola Figs with Honey.
Bacon Wrapped Gorgonzola Figs with Honey.

hand, a way to not have to run to the store to get things that are good for the kids (and you), or just want to work more healthy foods into your diet, Farm Fresh To You is definitely a to do – not a wish list item.

To find out if Farm Fresh To You delivers to you, visit their website and just type in your zip code under the Sign Up tab. And as a bonus, you can use this Refer-A-Friend code for $10 off your first order – JENN7437.

Please note that this  is a sponsored post for Farm Fresh To You and I have received consideration for sharing their information. The opinions are my own and not indicative of the opinions or positions of Farm Fresh To You.

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